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  1. corben forever on 1 enero 2011 at 23:01 said:

    Sin duda, un descubrimiento colosal, una excelente forma de iniciar 2011. Gracias, Álvaro.

  2. maravilloso cómic!

  3. Uy lo que he dicho! on 2 enero 2011 at 14:56 said:

    ¡Muy chula!

  4. Merluzo on 2 enero 2011 at 15:49 said:

    Puro cowgirl pop, una delicia para el año nuevo tras el atracón de langostinos y grafinovelas. Gracias.

  5. XIII on 2 enero 2011 at 21:49 said:

    ¿Qué os parece esto como descubrimiento?

    Un annual inglés (tomo de 80 páginas en tapa dura lanzado cada navidad) de 1970 realizado íntegramente por dibujantes de aquí:

    Leopoldo Ortiz, Miguel Quesada, Matias Alonso, Victor Ibañez, Jose Ortiz, Enric Badia Romero y Eustaquio Segrelles.

    Y lo más sorprendente, presentando en historias cortas a toda una gama de nuevos superhéroes de los que nunca más se supo:


    IPC published that year's Pow! Annual with a completely new line-up of characters never seen before, – or since

    The book's 80 pages featured ten brand new strips all superby illustrated, mostly featuring new British superheroes!

    The book is a bit of a mystery. Why did IPC go to the expense of creating 80 pages of new characters instead of filling it with funnies and Spider-Man reprints as in previous years? (IPC still had the rights to use Marvel characters as they ran them in TV21 around that time.) I don't recognize the artwork but it looks European. Was this reprinted in other countries, or did they just use European artists to save money? Who wrote the strips? (Apparently comics historian/publisher Terry Hooper tracked down a chap called Philip Hebden who claimed to have created the characters, but it's a name no one else seems to have heard of.) Whatever the story is behind the book, Pow! Annual 1970 remains a unique collector's item.


    a bit of a suprise, but i can help a little tiny bit..

    Leopoldo Ortiz was the artist for Norstad of the Deep. Book Palace, which is… an okay place, has a couple of pieces of the oringal art from the Pow Annual by Leopoldo Ortiz:

    compareing the art with a quick check of up Leopoldo Ortiz's work does seam to comfirm it is probebly him.

    Going from the same source (or more, there other site) we find Magno was drawn by Miguel Quesada (So we have a very spanish feel so far), Mr Tomorrow was Matias Alonso, Aquavenger was Victor Ibanez, Ectro was Jose Ortiz (Ah ha! a name i know!) and there was a strip called Time-Rider in it by Victor Ibanez, one called Esper by Enric Badia Romero, and the Phantom was by Eustaquio Segrelles.

    As for the writers/writer/creator.. no clue But that should be some nice information for ya

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